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From our first introductions until one of our many huggs and kisses goodbye, our time together will be a constant journey of exhilarating and unadulterated fun.. Call me, my beauty will peak your interest, my warm ingratiating nature will soothe your soul, however, my highly amorous side will keep your toes curled. Let's chit chat, maybe we have a drink and get comfortable, share a relaxing moment, some wild times too.

Honest and open, funny and free spirited, I am the everyday girl with above average looks, bigger than life personality but an unassuming demeanor, I try and share my genuine self with you. A intimate provider, truly, I'd rather spend time with 1 friend 200 times before seeing 200 people once. I'd really prefer we share a true connection as we embark on our journey. Even though the circumstances of our introduction may not be the "conventional" norms, it does not mean it can't be meaningful just the same. Who can really say what happens when like minds get together. You may just find that dreams do come true.

Now sit back, get comfortable, stay with me awhile, you can really get to know me better here    

Until we meet,

Love, Joi Love 

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